by Brush Your Hair



by Justin “Bobby” Brescia Barbalon

Food quality oils, essential oils, and the finest vegan, organic ingredients available are used to create healthy products. All products are highly concentrated, professional grade.

Brush Your Hair Salons in Irvine, CA and Manhattan, NY are by appointment only. San Juan Del Sur is open to the public.



All BRUSH YOUR HAIR products are USDA Certified 100% Organic Raw Vegan. 100% Professional.

Available in store for exclusive & online purchase.



Brush Shampoo 8oz. $28

Brush Shampoo 16oz $40

Brush Travel Shampoo and Conditioner $10

Brush Lice shampoo 8oz $38

Brush Conditioner – Pear Vanilla / Eucalyptus Lavender / Chocolate Mint $34

Brush Deep Hair Repair $34

Brush Lavender Hair Serum $58

Brush Tea Tree Facial Bar $24

Brush Dead Sea Salt Castile Bar – Peppermint Basil / Pumpkin Turmeric $22

Brush Peppermint Castile Soap Body Wash $18

Brush Castle Soap Liquid $28

Brush SLS Free – Fluoride Free Toothpaste $28

Brush Shave Menthol Oil $38

Brush Slick Slavin’ & Salve $32

Brush Hair Wax $36

Brush Indian Clay $32

Brush Anti Age Face Serum $78

Brush Hyluronic Facial Cream $38

Brush Emu Oil Cream $98

Brush Wormwood & Tea-Tree Cream $78

Brush Orange Plumeria / Tea Tree Body Lotion $48

Brush Mineral Sea Salt Spray $28

Katira ‘Tigers Blood’ Perfume $128


(Prices $USD)


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